Time Deduction

A deduction of one (1) point for every 15 seconds or portion thereof in excess of the time limit will be made.

Solo & TITLE Solo 1 2:45 Please Call
Duo/Trio 2-3 2:45 Please Call
Small Group 4-9 3:00 Please Call
Large Group 10-19 4:00 Please Call
Line 20+ 4:00 Please Call

Late Fees

Any entry submitted after the event deadline (30 day deadline for regional events, and 45 day deadline for International Finals), is subject to the following late fee structure:

–          Entries submitted 29 days to 15 days prior to the event: $15 late fee per entry

–          Entries submitted 14 days to 6 day prior to the event: $25 late fee per entry

–          Entries submitted 5 days prior to at the event: $50 late fee per entry

*Late Fees are automatically assessed to accounts after the 30 day deadline for registrations has passed.

Extended Time

You can request extended time for group and line routines prior to the competition. Extended time is charged at a rate of $3.50 per performer in the group. The maximum extended time that can be added to a routine of any division is 2 minutes. The exception to this is a routine in the line division, in the Production category. Production style routines may extend time up to 8 minutes.

(ex. A Small Group with 5 performers have a routine that runs 4:30. The Standard time for a Small Group is 3:00 [see above], and the routine is within the 5:00 maximum for a Small Group [3:00 + 2:00max = 5:00]. Therefore an additional $17.50 would be added to the routine fees for this number.

*If prop set-up and/or removal takes longer than 2 minutes total, extended time must be added. Please refer to “Prop Rules.”

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