It is required that each participating studio has proper music licensing (ASCAP, BMI, etc.).

** RECOMMENDED** – Studios will have the ability to UPLOAD their music online at the time of registration. We highly recommend submitting music online. If you submit music online, please bring an mp3 flash drive or cds as back up at the competition. Please listen to the music after uploading to ensure it is the right cut. A re-dance is not permitted if the wrong cut of music is submitted. The music upload option is cut off every Tuesday at 3pm pacific time for the events running that coming weekend.

If you do not submit music online, music for each performance must be turned in with our sound person/mc at the sound table in the theater prior to the start of the competition. Please note that we prefer music to be turned in on USB Flash Drive (see directions for labeling files below), however music can also be provided on CD as well. CD back-ups are always recommended.  No cassette tapes allowed. We request that no iPods/iPhones be used for music unless for backup.

The sound table is off limits during the competition. Please refrain from making requests. Additional music being turned in must be given to a Thunderstruck staff member to deliver to the sound table. Any questions or concerns can be addressed with the Competition Director or Stage Manager. Music CDs and USB drives can be collected after the final awards from the sound table, along with Adjudication packages by Studio Director/Owner. If you do not collect your music after the event is completed, it will be left at the venue. Thunderstruck is not responsible for any music or items left behind.

USB Flash Drive MP3 Files

If the studio is providing a USB Flash Drive with music for the competition, it must be provided 30 minutes prior to the start of competition. It is very important the following directions are observed if using a flash drive. Each song must be named in the following format: routine number _song title_ studio code.  EXAMPLE: A dancer is routine #1 in the competition, she is dancing to Supermodel, and her studio code is 22C. The file on the flash drive would be labeled:  001_Supermodel_22C.mp3. Please note that it is pertinent that you respect the zeros in the performance numbering so that songs are properly sorted. Routine numbers will always be 3 digits long at regional events.

Not Recommended – Music CDs

Please label your CDs in black sharpie with your routine number AND studio code. It is preferred that new CDs are used with no labels, to avoid music skipping. If a cd skips upon playing and it has a label, the routine will not be eligible to re-dance. Please turn in all of your CDs, in numerical order, for the entire event at the registration table at the beginning of the first day. This assists us greatly in making sure your music is ready to go when the dancers go on stage, and also makes it so that you get all of your music back to you safe and sound at the end of the event. We will not accept any CDs given to us in cases.


Each Studio is responsible to bring back-up music for each performance and provide it to the Competition Director or Stage Manager immediately if there is a technical problem.


Studio / Teacher Programs

Studios will receive a free program which can be picked up at the merchandise/program table. Complimentary programs may be picked up by the studio director only. Limit up to 4 per studio. Note:  Independent registrants as well as registered studios with one performer, are excluded.

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