Age Divisions

  • Petite: 8 and Under
  • Junior: 9-11 years
  • Teen: 12-14 years
  • Senior: 15-19 years
  • Adult: 20+





Time Deduction

A deduction of one (1) point for every 15 seconds or portion thereof in excess of the time limit will be made.

Solo & TITLE Solo 1 2:45 Please Call
Duet/Trio 2-3 2:45 Please Call
Small Group 4-9 3:00 Please Call
Large Group 10-19 4:00 Please Call
Line 20+ 4:00 Please Call


Performance Divisions

We have the following performance divisions: Future Star, Shining Star, Rock Star. Each has a scoring scale which you can preview on our awards page. It will be at the discretion of the Studio Director as to which performance division a dancer should enter. Please see Performance Division Guide for more information.

Determining Age Divisions

  • The age cut-off for the calculation for divisions is January 1st, 2018.
  • For Duet/Trios & Groups, if there is a decimal place, the total age is rounded down (the decimal place is dropped).
  • Our registration system will calculate the proper division for your routines.

The average age cut-off for all solos is January 1st, 2018.

Soloists may compete unlimited solos provided they follow the dance category rule, please see below (page 9).

Independent entries are accepted. An additional $25 flat fee is required for students entering independently of their studio, for single entries from a studio, or a studio that has multiple entries with just one performer. This fee is to be paid independently from registration fees.

TITLE – Solo

Petite Miss & Mr. Dance Icon:8 and Under
Junior Miss & Mr. Dance Icon: 9-11 years
Teen Miss & Mr. Dance Icon: 12-14 years
Senior Miss & Mr. Dance Icon: 15-19 years


***NEW FOR 2018***Participants in the above age categories may compete one solo PER DANCE STYLE in the title division. All title entries compete at the highest level for their age division. (i.e. – Petites/Juniors compete at Shining Star & Teens/Seniors compete at Rock Star. If a title routine is registered at the incorrect level for the age division, it will be moved to the highest competitive level.) This solo may not be competed more than one time at the competition (i.e. – the title solo may not be competed in a regular competitive solo division a second time at the same regional event.) Regional title solos are eligible for regular competitive solo overalls. Please note, only the highest scoring solo (whether it’s a title solo or a regular competitive solo) will place in overalls.

Female title winners will receive a tiara & sash. Male winners will receive a Thunderstruck hat & sash. Winners, once they provide Thunderstruck with a full color and high-resolution digital headshot, will be listed on the “Dance Icon” page on our website. Title winners are guaranteed a spot, with a section featuring the titlist performers, in our Opening Routine for our International Finals Dance Down.

First and second runner-ups in each age division will also be announced and awarded with a plaque.

Performers that wish to upgrade their solo to the title division at the event will incur a $55 total fee. Upgrade to the title division must occur prior to the solo performing.

Title competitors that are adjudicated an Elite High Gold or above, are eligible to compete in the International Title Category at our International Finals.


International Title registration for each performer includes the following:

– One title solo performance

– Admission into all International Finals workshop classes

– Admission into the title performers only masterclass

– A title competitor t-shirt

– Guaranteed a spot, with a section featuring the title performers, in our Opening Routine for our International Finals Dance Down (required t-shirt is included in title solo fees)

– Eligibility (with compliance of the below participation rules) for the title Grand Prize

Participants in the International Title Category must have been adjudicated a Elite High Gold or above in their title performance at a regional event. Participants may compete ONE solo in the International Title Category. The same routine competed in the title division at a regional event must be competed at the International Finals Title Category. Absolutely no song changes or style of dance changes will be permitted. Finals title solos are not eligible for regular solo competition overalls, they have a separate overall with an even higher cash prize*

Eligibility Requirements:  Along with their title solo performance, competitors in the International Title Category are required to:  participate in the Opening Routine rehearsals and performance at International Finals, participate in all scheduled workshop classes in their designated age group, and participate in the exclusive title performers only master class.

Female International Title winners will receive a tiara, trophy, and sash. Male International Title winners will receive a Thunderstruck bag, trophy, and sash. In addition, winners will receive a $200 cash prize (*there must be 5 title competitors in a given division for a cash prize to be awarded), as well as the opportunity to win the Title Grand Prize.

****INTERNATIONAL TITLE GRAND PRIZE FOR 2019 COMING SOON**** – The highest scoring title winner, male or female of any age, will become the Grand Thunderstruck Title winner of 2017. This dancer will be awarded a trip to participate in the International Festival of Dance and Performing Arts held at Disneyland PARIS, in October of 2017!

Grand Title Winners can not win the grand prize two consecutive years in a row.

The prize includes the following:

– Roundtrip airfare from Denver to Paris or Washington D.C. area to Paris for the Grand Title winner and one chaperone (Departing location will be determined and supplied by July 18, 2017).

– Winner will receive hotel accommodations (one room with 2 beds) for the duration of their trip when in Paris.

– Winner and chaperone will receive passes and/or entry for the competition.

– Winner will compete one solo in the International Festival of Dance and Performing Arts competition, perform a second solo in a showcase, and perform a 30 second improve routine (with music provided by the IFDPA) for a photo opportunity on stage with Disney guests. Performance opportunities subject to change with updated rules and regulations from the IFDPA.

– Winner will be mentored throughout the event and competition by Thunderstruck Dance Directors.

-Winner and chaperone will receive 3 day park hopper passes to the Disneyland Park and Disney Studios.

-Winner and chaperone will also receive two additional nights stay (one room with 2 beds) in the Centre of Paris, France to explore and have some fun!

Estimated flight dates are: Departure on October 3, 2017, and Return on October 9, 2017 (Exact dates and flights will be provided by July 18, 2017). Winner/chaperone will have the ability to extend their trip if they wish (fees may apply).

Failure to comply with listed participation rules disqualifies the soloist from Title Grand Prize eligibility.

Full rules and details on the grand prize will be provided upon being crowned at Thunderstruck International Finals 2017. Winner must respond with complete information requested to Thunderstruck by no later than 9 am (pacific time) July 18th, 2017, or the prize is forfeited and awarded to the next runner up for the Thunderstruck Grand Title winner. Prize is subject to change due to unforeseen circumstances, in which the winner would be awarded a prize of equal or greater value.


Add the age of each dancer as of January 1st, 2018 and divide by the number of performers. If there is a decimal place, it is removed. For instance, for a duet with a 14 year old and a 15 year old, the calculation would be 14.5 years. The “.5” is dropped and the age for the routine would be 14 and perform in the Teen Division.


Add the age of each dancer as of January 1st, 2018 and divide by the number of performers. If there is a decimal place, it is removed.

Adult/Teacher/Professional Rule

Any performer 20 years or older is considered an Adult. Teachers or professional dancers of any age are included in this division.

Any routine competing in any specific category, containing 1 adult or professional/teacher dancer must perform in the Adult Division. An entry found using a professional or teacher, will be switched, and may be penalized or disqualified at the discretion of the competition director.

Routines in the Adult division will not be used in determining the winner of the Top Studio Award.

Exception to Age Calculation Rule:

At the discretion of the Studio Director/Choreographer, when the most experienced dancer(s) may be in a higher division than the actual age calculation, and the routine belongs in the higher division, the Studio Director can have the routine dance in the age division of the most experienced dancer. With the moving of a routine division, standard change fees apply.

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