Contestants may enter as many categories as desired, but each routine must be different. Competitors cannot compete against themselves, meaning they cannot enter more than once in the same category and age group. For Duet/Trios, there must be at least one different competitor. For Groups, there must be a minimum of change in competitors for it to be considered a different group. If these minimums cannot be met, they must move up an age level or enter one of the second performances as Open.

Up to 3 acrobatic tricks, which is defined as any trick with legs making a rotation over the head (i.e.- aerials, back-handsprings, car-wheel, etc), are allowed in all categories. Any routines with four or more acrobatic tricks must be placed in the acrobatic or open categories.

At the discretion of the Judges’, a 3 point deduction from the routine’s total score may be enforced if guidelines for the selected dance category are not met, or for routines with 3 or more tricks being placed in categories other than open and acrobatic. Thunderstruck Dance Productions reserves the right to change categories of a routine if they deem it necessary. If a teacher discovers category misplacement of their routine prior to the performance, please discuss options for change with the regional competition director.

Acrobatic Dance

A routine demonstrating controlled moves incorporated with music. The majority of the routine must consist of acrobatic moves and tricks.


Routine must consist of ballet technique movements and classical steps.


Any form of dance portraying a known personality from stage, television or film.


A routine must contain clogging style and technique.


Contemporary dance with an emphasis on modern movement & technique.


Routine that is characteristic of a particular cultural group.


Routine must consist primarily of hip-hop technique.


Routine must consist primarily of jazz technique.


Routine should demonstrate balance, extension, isolations and control using contemporary lyrical and modern styles.

Musical Theater

Must incorporate some form of dance and either singing, acting, or portraying a character.


Any routine that combines multiple styles and categories.


Dance consisting of ballet technique combined with the use of Pointe shoes. Routine must have half the dancers on pointe or half the routine performed on pointe.


Must have a minimum of 10 dancers, incorporating any number of style(s) of dance.

Song & Dance

Any form of dance combined with vocals. Must contain minimum 50% dance. Prerecorded vocals are not permitted during the song portion of the performance.


Routine must consist primarily of tap technique. No tap sounds are permitted on the music.


Routine may be any type of vocal presentation showing range, pitch, style and timing. Accompaniment must be on CD or tape. No voices on the CD or tape. One handheld wireless microphone (with cord) will be provided.

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