An awards ceremony will take place at the completion of each division (divisions may be combined based on the number of entries). These award ceremonies will include performance and overall awards. Each judge will give Judge’s Awards at the beginning of the awards ceremony. The Eye of the Storm presentations will be made after the final awards ceremony.

Performance Awards

Each performance will receive a trophy or plaque recognizing their achievement based on the appropriate scoring scale.

“Rock Star” Scale

  • 280.00-300.00 = Lightning Gold
  • 267.00-279.99 = Elite High Gold
  • 255.00-266.99 = High Gold
  • 244.00-254.99 = Gold
  • 233.00-243.99 = High Silver

“Shining Star” Scale

  • 275.00-300.00 = Lightning Gold
  • 262.00-274.99 = Elite High Gold
  • 250.00-261.99 = High Gold
  • 239.00-249.99 = Gold
  • 228.00-238.99 = High Silver

“Future Star” Scale

  • 270.00-300.00 = Lightning Gold
  • 257.00-269.99 = Elite High Gold
  • 245.00-256.99 = High Gold
  • 234.00-244.99 = Gold
  • 223.00-233.99 = High Silver

Overall Awards

The Top 10 performances will be recognized for solo’s, duo/trio’s, small group, and large group with a Top Ten plaque. Third overall and Second overall will be given plaques as well. Our first place overall will receive a trophy. First place overall may be eligible for cash awards and/or gift certificates.

Please Note

  • In a division and class that we have three or more entries, up to ten (10) overall placements will be announced.
  • In a division and class that we have 10 or more entries, the top performance will be eligible for a cash prize.
  • We will always announce all top placements for Lines.
  • Judges score sheets and video critiques – included in your adjudication package, are provided at the end of the competition via your online studio account. Please allow up to 3 days for the adjudication package to be uploaded and available.
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